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As a continuation of a project funded by the National Council for Crime Prevention, we worked with the Bolyai Children's Home.

Is it possible to do miracles where deep systemic problems pervade the organisation and the number of people willing to volunteer for development is handful?

At the Bolyai Children's Home in Breznó utca, two of colleagues, Kinga Péli and Györgyi Hegedűs, led a development project in the autumn of 2022. The main focus was the assessment of strengths and resources, and the development of conflict management routines.

During the children's home project we experinced that the staff are driven by commitment, an admirable sense of vocation and a desire to create value and help others, but burnout, exhaustion and lack of willingness or strength to improve challenge them on a daily basis. Although we cannot remedy the systemic problems, we have managed to create and strengthen a core of educators who are able to work together openly and honestly, and thus provide a solid base for the whole educator community in the long term.

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